Pinout information for the PCM on 1996-2005 Corvettes in HTML format. Includes pin location and colors.
Shows how to display and/or clear DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) using specific buttons on the IPC DIC.
Installtion of a Hust line lock on a 2001 Z06
(also includes Eastwood powercoat review)
These instructions by Corvette Forum member Cscokd will show you how to build and assemble a Column Lock Bypass for a C5 Corvette.
This manual is a scanned copy of the 1997-2002 GM parts manuals for the Y body (Corvette) cars.
This manual covers collision type repairs for the 1997 and 1998 Corvettes, although this information should cover 1997-2004 year models.
This illustrated 47 page Service Manual is for the T-56 Borg Warner Tremec Transmission.
This appears to be a manual on how to properly recycle a 2000 C5???
Miscellaneous C5 Electrical Diagrams

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